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Part 11: Database entries for Escape from Kamino

Database entries for Escape from Kamino

witnessed a new recruit hit his head on a blast door during maneuvers. Blasted idiots! What a disgrace to the heritage and legacy of a once truly incredible fighting force.

As one of the last clones in service today, few others can share in my disdain for these men. I'd sacrifice an entire platoon of new stormtrooper recruits for just one real clone trooper. If the clone template were still alive, I think he'd kill them all himself.

laughed at the ungainly appearance, a dozen more have fallen to its guns, or been crushed beneath its feet.

immediately. Even before the vapors cleared, leaving a collection of frozen statues that had once been normal village folk, the droids had rampaged through the village. No living thing survived.
Within minutes, the village of Rhador, which had existed for over a thousand years, became a mute testament to Imperial brutality... a testament that, locked in carbonite, will last for a thousand more.

secret project on Kamino is drawing vast resources from the Imperial fleet. Already we have lost an Imperial Star Destroyer and several of the new terror units. Most recently, Lord Vader executed several Officers in assembly because of their failure to prevent the escape of his most prized test subject.

As I rise in rank, I come closer to Lord Vader and his utter lack of tolerance for failure. With any luck, my request to be transferred to the Coruscant Defensive Fleet will be approved before I am granted any more promotions.


Then, it came. Explosions. We thought it was the rebels. Concussions shook the ground. We ran for cover. HJ-377 went mad, ran out towards the treeline, firing until all his rifle did was make clicking noises.

But it wasn't the rebels. The blasts were coming from space. Streaks of green turbolaser. The treeline erupted in fire. The rebels screamed and burned.

I've seen some impressive things as a stormtrooper of the Empire. I've seen Star Destroyers tear apart a battlecruiser with just tractor beams. I've seen command ships so big they take three days to walk from end to end. I even saw Lord Vader once. But I think the greatest thing I ever saw was those squat little dropships, flying out of a binary sunset, loaded with reinforcements, ammunition, medical droids and food.

Instead he smiled at the droid, and then starting mumbling over and over: "proxy, proxy, proxy". I suppose he must have been aware that these "people" were all just training droids, proxies for the real thing. Unfortunately, while the droid's holo-projector was non-functional, its combat training was working just fine, and it gave the test subject a magnificent beating. I doubt the subject will make that mistake again...

before dawn, a stratospheric freighter released 85 of the prototype jumptroopers, who floated, serenely and unnoticed, down to the Citadel.

They hit the communications towers first, then the rear ammo dumps, the fuel supplies, and finally the hangars to prevent any escape. In each instance, by the time the defenders responded, the jumptroopers, with a roar from their jetpacks, would take to the air. The high walls of that proud stone bastion meant nothing.

It took 85 men less than an hour to bring so much chaos and disarray to Ebenmal that the defenders - over 3,000 Rebels - surrendered.

surrounded me. It was so shocking I forgot to fire my weapon.

As they shot past, I heard the shriek of their engines and my fighter shuddered in their wake. Only two of us survived that initial pass.

Then they broke into tight packs and came back to finish us off. My wingman was obliterated. Then, that same green fire exploded outside my cockpit and my pilot's instinct finally took over. I rolled, dove for the ground, and flew into a curtian of fire. the automatic ejection activated; it was the only chance of survival I ever really had.

It took two minutes. That was the Battle of Slotern.

, exceeding even your own demanding expectations.

The first thing you will notice is that it is equipped with a hyperdrive, unusual in a vessel this size, allowing Darth, if I may call you Darth, to bring <cough cough>, excuse me, to bring swift justice to the enemies of the glorious Empire.

Utilizing a brand new spaceframe, the bent wings allow for more efficient power production <cough> as this layout <cough choke cough> harnesses greater amounts <cough>

I beg Darth's pardon <choke> pardon me, I seem to be having trouble breathing. Some <choke> water, please. <cough choke hack> wa... ter... gggghhhhh ....