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Part 13: Database entries for The Tarko-se Arena

And he opened his hands
And he took up the Creator
and, blotting out the stars and the suns
With his very presence
He crushed the Creator with one
Tremor of his mighty fist

With the very spine of Creation broken
In his first moments of life
The Gorog began to scour the land
To feed

Know this, the Creator's Final Lesson
The Gorog is the end of all things

Only those that hide in his Shadow
Will survive.

- Moderate abdominal hemorrhaging
- Severe concussion
- Five missing teeth

Treatment for all of his injuries was hastily administered. While the General is expected to make a full recovery, I suspect he was never in any real danger. He seemed cognizant and fully in control of his faculties during every procedure. Deep tissue scans indicate multiple previous severe injuries with no evidence of any prior medical intervention. While I don't purport to have any understanding of the so-called "Force", it remains my only explanation for the General's astonishing resilience.

have we prepared for the killing today? Well, there can be few as worthy of facing such a beast as... Rahm Kota, General of the Clone Wars. A Jedi? Allegedly! A Terrorist? Naturally! A meal? Eventually! But a hero? We shall see. Rahm Kota! Place your bets!

on down there? We're starting to lose comms."

"This is Wraith 6, Wraith Leader was just blown out of the sky. We're being ambu-BREAK! BREAK! <static> ahhHHH, I'm HIT! - <static>"

"Wraith 6, what is it? What's attacking you?!"

"It's right on top of us! <static> look out! <static> ahhh! <explosion> "


"Wraith Squadron, report! This is Command! Is anyone alive down there? Report!"


know), and made his way into Tabbett's suite, and either abducted or disintegrated him outright. A small amount of carbon scoring on the premises suggests the latter.

Our best guess is that the perpetrator is the bounty hunter known as Boba Fett, but we have no physical evidence. The security holo's are all blank for the timeframe of the attack, and no other evidence of a break in was left. As such, our only coue that it was Fett was a sizable transfer of credits to him from an encrypted source on Nal Hutta on the day following the attack.

PRIVATE NOTE - This guy is good, Tarkin. Really good. His talents are wasted in the underworld. He could be useful to us... if we can get him to stop with this whole disintegration tactic.