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by IGgy IGsen

Part 11

This is the final episode. Do you still got bananas in your ears? Be sure to get them out by the end of this post to make sure you hear my announcement about the Startropics 2 stream(s) I'll be doing.

(pictured above, image I wanted to use as an end card to the previous video but I forgot to record audio to go along with it and couldn't be bothered to do that after already rendering the video)

As mentioned at the start of the post I will be streaming Startropics 2: Zoda's Revenge On my twitch. I'll be doing so on Saturday, 12th August at 21:00 BST (GMT+1) / 15:00 GDT (GMT-5) click here to see what this means in your local time. I don't know if I'll beat the entire game in one sitting, I kind of doubt it but it's not impossible. However, if I don't manage to play a video game for five hours straight I will play through the rest of the game another time. I will announce when I go live in this thread. As well as probably on twitter and wherever I can justify it.