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Original Thread: El Psy Congroo: Let's Play Steins;Gate



What is Steins;Gate?
Steins;Gate is a Visual Novel developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus. It has the following notable features:
* Six endings!
* Art from Huke, an illustrator involved in Metal Gear Solid and Black Rock Shooter!
* A protagonist who isn't a bland reader insert!
* No porn!

Story in a nutshell: Self-proclaimed mad scientist Hououin Kyouma accidentally stumbles upon the secret of time travel. What will he do with that kind of power? Will he be able to set things right when they inevitably go wrong? Who else has taken an interest in this dangerous new technology? Can the past truly be changed?

LP Rules
* I will be going through and getting all six endings, for completionist's sake.
* I won't be including the TIPS, unfortunately, as the English patched version of the game freezes and dies whenever I try to access them.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Time Travel Paranoia

Chapter 2: Interpreter Rendezvous

Chapter 3: Butterfly Effect's Divergence

Chapter 4: Chaos Theory Homeostasis

Chapter 5: Dogma in Event Horizon

Chapter 6: Metaphysics Necrosis

Chapter 6B: Metaphysics Necrosis?

Chapter 7: Made in Complex

Chapter 7B: Made in Complex?

Chapter 8: Fractal Androgynous

Chapter 8B: Fractal Androgynous?

Chapter 9: Endless Apoptosis

Chapter 10: Stardust Sky

Chapter ?

Chapter 10B: Paradox Meltdown

Final Chapter: Open the Steins Gate

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