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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 3: Chapter 1-3

So when we left Vickie, she had uncovered some interesting stuff about…well, about a lot of things, really. Then we blacked out on her planning to confront Richard. That’s interrupted by a very annoying and shrill ringing phone.

Well, Vickie apparently dozed off.

*For three years*.

No, Claire, I was just napping. *For three years*.

“Claire! I fell asleep in front of the TV…what time is it?”

Yeah, going back to thumbnails for talking head dialogue. You’re missing nothing.

“No, no…I was having a nightmare anyway…as soon as I fall asleep, I relieve the same old stories…”

Oh, so that prior bit was a dream of three years ago, and we’ve now jumped ahead in time. Vickie dreams of sifting through files and hitting up Google. Most people dream of waking up naked in school.

“Tell that to my subconscious. Were you calling me about the case?”

“Let me guess…the killer left no trace?”

“Good lord. It’s been going on for almost three years and this asshole still hasn’t made a mistake.”

“I still have to question a few possible witnesses…Garris wants this by the book. But I doubt it’ll turn up anything.”

Thanks Claire, I had no idea who the hell that was supposed to be.

“I’ve got to go, Claire, Hernandez is up to her old tricks on the news again.”


Claire lets us go. Vickie turns her attention to the TV.

Well, this Maine killer is a bit different from the last one…hey, wait a sec. I know that guy.

What? No? Why?

I love Vickie’s expression there.

Holy shit, I think Nancy Grace here has it out for you, Vickie.

Kind of, yeah. Vickie shuts the TV off, but then her phone rings again.


“Unfortunately, yes. I just saw your mug on TV…one doesn’t forget that kind of trauma…”

“Aw, you’re breaking my heart, Hernandez. Switch careers. I hear the FBI is hiring.”


“Right. You want me to join your TV games. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to decline your offer.”

“Are you serious? You’ve been making my life hell since this case started, but now you want to be best-friends-forever because suddenly it suits your purposes? If you’ve got information on the killer, then give it to me. No conditions. If you conceal evidence or hinder our investigation in any way, I can guarantee you a stint in the slammer. Night, Hernandez.”

Ouch. I take back some of the mean things I said about you, Vickie.

Vickie hangs up, takes two steps, and the goddamn phone rings again. She takes a look at who it is and puts the phone away. However…