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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 12: Chapter 4-4

So when we left Vickie, she was *still* stuck in this goddamn house. Hitting a wall with a hammer had dumped her out in that morgue Paloma was putzing around in before.

To start, we’ll check out the bloody autopsy table. Do the usual with the CSI kit.

Analyze the mess. You know, for as careful as Chuckles is, we’re racking up a lot of evidence.

And it’s that door to nowhere Chuckles trolled us with. You’ll want to microscope it.

Looks like someone wasn’t amused and started scratching the brick wall.

And that conspicuous shirt that Paloma wouldn’t mess with before. Spray revealer on it.

Phone up Claire yet again.

“I think I have something new to help ID the killer…I took blood samples on a lab coat from a man I haven’t been able to ID. It could very well be the killer’s blood. I’m sending you the results of the test I did.”

Does he just have a Wheel of Fortune setup with that thing where he spins the tiles to write out stuff or what?

The pixels to the left of the coat need to be examined.

This victim wasn’t diabetic! We’re surely on the trail now!

Getting out of there and downstairs, Vickie does another sweep. At least she’s more careful of ambushes than Paloma.

Check the floor here.

Janet made a rather big mess.

Through the door is the electric chair room, but…Chuckles has removed the chair. Did he just toss that thing into the back of his truck?

“Don’t mind me officer, just taking this thing to the landfill!”


We’ll need to click over here next.

You might recall that this light lets us actually see the circuit breaker, so flip it on.

And over here to it.

Paloma was here, happily electrocuting herself like a spaz.

And next door over is the original room of fun. Check out the mattress first.

More stuff we knew already.

Over by the sink is the collar Paloma ditched. Grab it.

Chuckles wrote ‘Help me’? That’s…odd. Were the victims not chipping in enough theatrics?

Nothing throws you, Vickie.

Go over here and shove the bed again.

This lets us reach the medicine cabinet, where you might recall there was a dickheaded puzzle involving antidote vials. Opening that…

There’s a snake in there. It looks like a cobra, but it inexplicably appears to have a rattler on its tail.

Whatever it is, it takes a chomp out of Vickie.

Then it scurries off down the vent where the rats were. Vickie hits the floor.

So yeah, welcome to another timed bit of horseshit. T-minus about eight minutes before the snake venom takes hold.

The medicine cabinet holds the answer. Except not really as the solution is the anti-venom and that was in the bathroom back upstairs. How that qualifies as ‘cool’ I do not know.

Hopefully you grabbed it. If not, have fun running all over this goddamn house looking for it.

Incidentally, eight minutes elapsing? Well…

Vickie falls over and dies.

…and then you’re back here upstairs with Garris.

“Ugh…I feel sick.”

“Thanks, Garris…if it hadn’t been for you, I’d be dead.”

And then Garris runs off, leaving us no worse off for wear. The game does this even if you never pick up the anti-venom. Somehow it’s an even bigger dick move of the game to make you *think* it’s going to kill you with a puzzle that you didn’t really have to even solve at all.

Arrrrgh. So go up here now, to this door which you may recall was flimsily locked.

We’re toting a sledgehammer now, which takes care of that problem.

And that lands us on a balcony. Check the thing down here.

Fortunately, we have a USB hacking device.

We jamming. I want to jam it with you.

Now I backtrack to the bathroom, as I forgot something here. This sponge is needed for the muddy license plate back outside. Y’know, because Vickie can’t clear mud off of a license plate with her hands.

First we’ll need to wet it. There’s a sink right here, so…

Alright. So you know what you have to do now?


Use your goddamn sponge here, because Vickie can’t…fuck it, I can’t take it anymore.

Jesus tittyfucking Christ. Why. Just, why?

Sponge goes on the muddy plate. Kill me.

I don’t know, do you keep cyanide in the morgue?

“I think I have something new to help ID the killer…I found a plate number on an old truck. R22 354. New Hampshire.”

And the lock here can be smashed with the trusty hammer.

Which gives us a rope. That was a lot of trouble to go to for some fuggin rope.

The rope can be used back here on the dumb waiter, after unlocking it with the lockpick. Just provides a shortcut to the morgue, though.

At this point I got confused because nothing was happening, so I headed over to Garris again. The reason he’s outside again and not by the door upstairs is because I reloaded a save to get a screenshot of the snake.

Before you can talk to him though, Claire calls.

“Yes, Claire?”

“Nicely done, Claire! I better watch out – you’ll have my job if I’m not careful.”

On that note, I’m sure Vickie getting her police job back after she quit in the last game is a fascinating tale that the game in no way sees fit to extrapolate on.

Now to bug Garris again.

“You’re good at electronics, right? You might be able to help me. I found a jamming device on the roof. I’ve analyzed it, it’s an ADSX system. Does that mean anything to you?”

“The killer must have used it to prevent Hernandez from contacting us when he trapped her in his diabolical little obstacle course.”

…well, no. No he didn’t. He took her phone and left it in his truck outside. Once she got it back and charged the battery, she could call you just fine.

Anyway, then I sent Garris back up after the locked door again.

And wait. And wait.


As it turns out, Garris will *never* finish unlocking that door until you find and analyze enough clues to pin down a suspect.

So I get to hunting for all the tiny things I skipped. The first of which is Hawker’s file that we got back at the beginning of this chapter years and years ago.

I think if you name your child Saul Wedge, you’ve pretty much doomed him to either be a drug dealer or a Sith lord.

And the profile on Chuckles.

“Put your controller on the floor! Put it down as flat as you can! That’s good!”

Oh, horseshit. He’s left a houseful of clues behind. I should know, you’re making me find each and every one of them.

Now that we’ve read Hawker’s file, we can ask Claire about it.

“Do you know what happened to Hawker after he was fired from the FBI?”

While we’re here, we’ll ask Garris about the password locked computer Chuckles had.

“I found a computer, but the system’s asking me for a password.”


“All right…I’ll cope.”

And we’ll ask him about Paloma’s shock collar too.

“I found some sort of electronic collar. Hernandez mentioned it on her voice recorder.”

It was so secure Paloma picked it with a stray bit of wire.

Next up, we need to go out here and give the pharmacy list from the bathroom to Sheriff Kate.

“Sheriff…I have a few points to go over with you. I found a receipt with the address of Dan Wilkinson’s drug store in Houlton. Do you know the owner?”

“If you could contact Wilkinson now and question him. See if he remembers the client…time’s of the essence.”

“It’s a bit vague, but it’s better than nothing. Thanks for the info.”

And so she does.

“A Houlton pharmacist vaguely remembers a customer who could very well be our man. About 40 years old, black hair.”

Hanging up, Claire immediately calls back, as we’ve thrown enough clues at her to trigger the next damn bit. Finally.

“Nice job, Claire! You’re the best!”

No kidding. She’s kind of doing all of your work for you, Vickie.

“We make a hell of a team! Finally, we have a solid suspect! Have you found a photo?”

“Thanks again for your help, Claire.”

And with that settled, Garris magically gets around to popping that door open.

“Well done, Garris!”

Vickie draws her gun and heads on in. Then…

Yeah, we’re flashbacking. At least we’re technically out of the damn house.