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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 16: Chapter 6-1

Another short one. I can only bite off so much of this awful game at a time!

So when we left off, Vickie and an entire police division had been gunned down by one or more gasmask wearing lunatics wielding bows. Yes. So now we…


So now we’re back with Paloma. Last we saw of her was ages and ages ago, when she slipped free of the house and immediately stumbled onto some flash bangs wired to a string.

She gets up and heads to the door.

…and immediately spies Chuckles making off with Vickie.

Chuckles then returns and notices Paloma’s snooping. Paloma is slow in many regards.

Dialogue choices. Of course, we’ll start with the one that hasn’t worked the last ten times Paloma tried it.

The game gets really lazy here and doesn’t even have Paloma voice out her end, it just jumps right to Chuckles. I like to think even he’s tired of Paloma going this route.

Hey, fourth wall, numbnuts.

I weep.

And Chuckles strolls off to…hell if I know. Watch old Veronica Lake films?

Well said.

But there is no response. We take over in the cell. First off, the door can be examined.

There’s a slight opening here.

…and an option to talk?

That didn’t work the first time, woman.

Wait, what? What the hell is that?

Walter Sullivan?

Ah shit, this is gonna be like that bit in Clock Tower where the prisoner eats you unless you throw him some meat.

“Sorry, all I had was a few stale cookies, but I was hungry.”

And a few choices.

“Have you been here a long time? Have you tried to escape?”

“What did you do?”

Well, he’s already more clever than you, Paloma.

“And then what happened?”

He caught me but I’d only made it halfway into the vent and…oh god…

Was gonna say, you don’t fit his MO, dude.

Well not with that attitude, mister.

So yeah, about that plan of yours that utterly failed.

“Do you still have the thing you used to unscrew the grate?”

“Throw it over. I’ll try to catch it.”

…and he does, but Paloma butterfingers the catch. Goddammit.

You’re just a ray of sunshine, guy.

“Who are you? I thought the killer only went for women?”

No kidding.

Now I get Chuckles having some advantage when slapping around women, but you couldn’t have fought back, Gary? I mean, if you were hunting, you were presumably armed.

Yeah, I’ve been tortured by this game for months. Life is tough.

Keep up the optimism.

Now Paloma can try and reach that fork she clumsily dropped, but no good.

There’s also that grate Gary was mentioning, but Paloma is too short and or lazy.

…and of all the things, you’re complaining about the cookies? Only I get to complain about cookies!

No getting in here either.

You know what this game was missing?

A crate shoving puzzle! I feel like I’m playing Soul Reaver, except this isn’t fun.

Grab this too.

Then we pull the bed back…

…and after all of that, the closet is locked. Fuck you, game.

There is a bunch of string over here that Chuckles was kind enough to just leave sitting.

But alas, it can’t be used to grab the fork. The game is kind of patronizing too if you try this.

The closet, meanwhile, can be unlocked by bashing it with a fucking pipe. That is one thing in this game’s favor. Locks can usually be bypassed by the most obvious means. Maybe the only thing in its favor.

A magnet falls out of there. Yoink.

And a large can. We’ll just shove this in our pants.

Now shove the bed back where it was.

And hunt for some invisible pixels on the wall here.

And a use for the magnet we just grabbed.

That nets us a ring with names that are meaningless.

The can is used over here by the vent.

So combine the magnet and the thread. This lets us fish out the fork Butterfingers dropped.

Into the newly opened vent.

Freedom! At least into the outside hallway. Will more bullshit await us? Yes.