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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 19: Chapter 7-2

So now we’re back in the killer’s house. Heading this way, we’ll…

…it’s really hard to figure out what the hell happened there, but Vickie has a brief spazout and then she’s in critical health.

So, reloading. To avoid that bit of fun, first you need to check out this thing here.

With the rat examined, Vickie won’t go stumbling into…whatever that trap is. In fact, she won’t go any further at all.

So break out the colored boo boo spray. This is why I grabbed all the crap out of Paloma’s stash.

And that reveals some wires. I guess they’re electrical? I don’t know. It’s not like they blow up or anything when Vickie trips them.

And the pocket knife yoinked from the cop is used to snip the wires, further puzzling me as to just what the hell they are.

In the living room, this thing wasn’t here before. But we can’t take it as I’m carrying too much of Paloma’s stash.

The TV is now examinable. Hm, let’s just see what’s on…

Uh, yeah. Presumably that was not a live feed, as you can keep clicking on the TV and it’ll keep happening.

And there’s nothing else worth noting in the living room for now, so head back out to here, which leads to the kitchen.

Only thing worth checking out there is the fridge, which has a mysterious red envelope in it.

With a memory card in it.

Aha! So Chuckles and his obsessive knowledge of movies teamed up with Gary and his obsessive knowledge of little league baseball. We’ll soon discover Gary’s torture dungeon where he kidnaps men and forces them to play nine innings on a field full of land mines.

And up here above the sink is thankfully a storage box, so we don’t have to run all the way outside.

Metal detector, pocket knife, colored spray and lockpicks go in, through my amazing powers of prescience. As we’ll see shortly, my prescience is still lacking…

Now we can run back and grab this reflector.

And I overlooked this here.

Okay. We’ll take that…

Reflector and medkits go in the bin.

Ugh. That thing literally takes up half of the inventory.

Now we need to head upsta…

Yeah, *another* invisible trap here. And I don’t know to avoid that one, as there’s no dead rat to tip Vickie off.

So it’s yet another jog to the item box to fetch the first aid kit and use it. Make that a jog to the item box, swapping the spectro lamp out so we have room for the first aid kit, using the first aid kit, then swapping back out for the lamp.

*Now* upstairs, past the trap that’s gone since Vickie blew it up with her feet.

Up here, take this door first.

Which goes to the balcony. This tiny pixel here…

I don’t think he ever had it.

And *the remote is not programmed*. Oh shit, why me?

Back out to that door Garris took hours to open.

And the room where Vickie had her flashback. The mannequin has something or another.

I don’t know, but it’s probably not as shitty as mine.


Fuck off, I’m not taking pictures of Carnby from the remake, and certainly not from the movie.

Back out and in here now.

Which is the bathroom. This cabinet had snake venom antidote before. And this room still isn’t especially cold, Chuckles.

Now it has a first aid kit. Handy for healing the damage from all of those cockamamie traps.

Out, downstairs and over here.

…but someone rings the cell before we get far.

Joke’s on you, Chuckles; I have multiple save games.

Continuing on…

Oh, what? No, no it wasn’t here before.

Yes, that is the trigger that keeps Vickie from blindly stumbling into this trap.

There’s a plug over here we’ll be needing.

And up here…


…ah, hell.

Okay, so where are the robotic spiders? Come on game, don’t keep me in suspense.

Sigh. Okay. First, check this spot. The laser box taking up half of our inventory can be plopped here.

Shut up, Vickie.

And clicking here turns one of the rows of lasers. To proceed though, we’re going to need…wait for it…*the reflector I dumped back in the item box to make room for the laser thing*.

Just imagine a bunch of images of me running back there, I can’t be arsed to screencap it.

Hit the device here to move the lasers.

Good plan, but that one can’t be reached yet.

This one over here can.

And now the lasers can be safely jogged through. To the second switch…

Huzzah. Now we can head to what we were supposed to be going for in the first place, the computer.

Or not. Dammit, Chuckles.

Then the phone rings. It is, of course, Chuckles.

“You’re not wasting any time, asshole. Sooner or later, the FBI will get here.”

Wait, what?

Yes, we now have a timer of about a minute or so. Should that elapse…

Two bullets. More than enough to kill any Vickie that moves.

And so it does. You know, Chuckles went to a whole lot of trouble with kidnapping Vickie and dragging her down to the dungeon to suddenly go “Whoops, I’m late, better just shoot her”.

So how do we elude the mighty Chuckles? Well, the answer is the morgue drawer over here.

And…that’s it. Chuckles presumably fucks off to watch more Veronica Lake movies on Netflix.

So yes, we’ll be turning the tables on Chuckles. Maybe. I’d put more money on Vickie somehow screwing it up.