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Still Life

by DeathChicken

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Original Thread: The Worst Kind of Slash Fiction: Let's Play Still Life (SSLP)



Still Life? What the hell is that?

Still Life is a 2005 point and click adventure game by Microids, a French publisher probably better known for Syberia, another point and click adventure game. It is a sequel to the even lesser known game Post Mortem, in which you guided detective Gustav McPherson on a quest to solve some murders that surely won’t be terribly relevant here. Still Life follows Gustav’s granddaughter Victoria, an FBI special agent tracking down a serial killer with a lovely habit of butchering prostitutes. Along the way, we’ll be utilizing forensic tools, solving very inane puzzles that have jack all to do with anything in the plot, and briefly catching up with our buddy Gustav through the magic of flashbacks.

So why am I playing it?

Well, in spite of those inane puzzles I mentioned, the game does have an interesting murder mystery plot as we attempt to track down Jack the Ripoff throughout snowy Chicago. It's creepy sometimes, it's atmospheric at other times, and kind of fun when it isn't throwing stupid puzzles at you.

General stuff:

I really don't care about spoilers, but please keep them to this game, not the sequel. Anyone familiar with the story knows what I mean. Also, the game contains somewhat nasty images and videos that you'd come to expect from a story about Jack the Ripper, so don't come crying when your boss fires you for pictures of dead boobies appearing on your monitor when you should be working.

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