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by RevBabyKiller

Part 2: Introduction 2

Here in Drake's room things are going a little smoother than elsewhere in the Keep. His room is getting pretty fucked up and his dog is dead, but at least he's be dragged around by a mysterious stranger!

And just like that, they're gone. To safety? To the back of a van? To the bottom of a well? Only time will tell.

Who is this crazy fucker looming outside the front gate? Exposition pending.

Think Fast!

Jesus Fucking Christ, he's huge! Mind over matter my soon to be shadow filled rear! Also the keep seems to be accelerating downward for some reason

Here's the crazy bastard from behind with his giant cape of opressiveness. Not pictured: Stonekeep

Sweet distance shot of the Shadow King perched atop the mountain where Stonekeep once stood. It is a thriving marketplace of wood, apples and ideas no more

Presumably this is Drake's eye, watching from a safe distance. He's good at that, watching crimes take place from a safe distance and doing nothing

Drake the Dogslayer has returned, a child no more

He returns to the gaping hole that was once Stonekeep, looking for clues. He's going to crack this case fater than mop dog's skull

Hello Drake, I'm Thera, and I'm the earth. No time to explain, I'll tell you all about it later. In the meantime, I've got a job with your name on it. I'll be needing you to walk through tight corridors at 90 degree angles. Also you can't step sideways, only forward or backward. This will all make sense in time I promise.

If you're so bright how come you can't do it yourself

Because even though he easily defeated me and I'm a god, certainly a random bully who abuses his animals will be more than a match for the Shadow King. Now shake my hand for, uh, luck

Alright, you've appealed to the hero and me. Are there any catches to this?

Hey, what's the deal with the stealing my soul routine? Hey!

Aaaaaaaand POW! With that, our hero has been plucked from his body and dumped into the top of Stonekeep, which is now far below sea level. This is where the actual game playing begins, and Drake changes from boy band looking stand-in to bonafide kicker of asses and taker of nameses.