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by RevBabyKiller

Part 13

Get ready for a twist ending! Well, less of a twist, and more of a development really

You're no match for Farley's tiny axe! Speaking of which, it's lucky for both of us that the Throg that brained him didn't take his axe. Then I'd have to give him one of the dozens that I've collected, and I'm not much of a sharer

New tactic: I work on the toddler snakes, and Dwarfmo can take on the massive coiler

Great minds think alike! Let's peel on out of here and gaze menacingly at that crazy critter from a safe distance

But then we'd never find out what treasures this thing is protecting. Ooooh, what's this, some kind of adventuring man purse? I already have a magic scroll, I hope this is something more exciting, like a modified sheep bladder

Seems like that's what it is. And like all sheep bladders, in a pinch it holds a healthy supply of drinking water

Interesting. Seems that not everyone had their skin melted off in Khull Khum's initial blast. Perhaps they've managed to carve out a new life for themselves down here, and this will be a joyous reunion!

Or maybe they all died terribly, being hacked apart while choking to death on sewer water. Times like this the toll I had to pay to get teleported to safety seems more reasonable all the time.

This room has been quite the monsters, a few very depressing scrolls and wonder of wonders, a key chain! This'll do wonders for my sewer key. Inventory Management++

Another action movie shot of Farley hacking away at a pile of goo. He's quite the little trooper this guy

Finally, we're here. The stairs that go all the way down to right where I want to be: Sewerland. Get ready for a shakeup sewer dwellars, cause you're population is about to increase by two! And then decrease sharply thereafter.

Oh good, these are the drinking water type sewers. Time to clog this reservoir with our dead!

This is the most fascinating thing I've learned so far. Tell Me More!

Wait a minute: First of all you say "It is Said" that us humans used to use the water supply as though you aer only vaguely aware of the history, but now you're breaking out into specific info like you were on the freakin design committee!

How to shut this guy up without coming off as utterly uninterested...

Now let's take one step forward and see what new wonders await us in this new frontier of action and adventure and excitement!

Oh. Another snake. Eh, at least this time it'll be wet, that's something