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by RevBabyKiller

Part 16

Slugopus or hellish tentacle beast are about the only names I can come up with for this thing. Apparently it's a pre-existing creature called the olyxomnil or something equally crazy, but I defy anyone to find it

I'm through screeching like a little girl whose pony has just been eaten by badgers on her birthday and retreating like Christian Troy from a commitment to a monogamous relationship, it's time for fisticuffs. Tentacle-cuffs, perhaps? Also I won't be using a fist either. Frankly there won't be much fisting going on at all this update

Yes, a direct hit! Score one for Doink and Dink! Wait, is that some coiling action going on in that center tentacle?

Hold on a second Farley, does that tentacle look like it's curling to you? Let's watch.

Well there goes my once proud sternum, joining all of my hopes and dreams in a little place I like to call Brutally Crushed-ville.

Is he giving me the tentacle monster equivalent of the middle finger? Doing 36 damage in one hit is bad, but there's no call to be an ass about it! I remember when bloodthirsty melee dueling was the sport of gentlemen.

Relinquish control of my sword googendantess, it's meant for smacking you, not for eating

Sucker, you only took away the majority of my health! It's wise to turn....tail?..well, whatever it is, to turn it, and run. But it won't save you

Cause when your back is turned it's time to slice some serious tendril! I do believe this battle has turned in my favor. Frankly I won't be surprised if that has taken the fight right out of him

While it may appear that he is eating his lost tendril to try and regain some of his lost power, he's really not. He's not Ukrainian, after all

Besides, I've got something right here he can feast on! I know what I said earlier, but I've changed my mind! I'm crazy like that, no wonder Thera placed her trust in me

Round 2: now we're both revitalized and ready for action. This will be our final battle. Unless I lose in which case I'll have to reload and try again

But I win, and as far as any of you know I did it without dying. And if Farley knows what's good for him he'll keep his Khum-damn mouth shut. Also that creature appears to have swallowed a pegasus stature for some reason

Now I've thoroughly investigated the area and have not found another exist. What gives? This quest is becoming a lot more cerebral than was originally anticipated and my talents extend more to the "picking on creatures smaller than me" side of the adventuring fence. What to do, what to do?

My word, there's a secret passageway in that alcove! Finally something useful comes out of a piece of equipment with the name Saturn. A historic occurence indeed.

Could this be another of those ghost walls Farley wouldn't shut up about during our battles up above? He hasn't said anything yet. Maybe he'll only mention it if it can get him out of having to fight the enemies that are swarming around

And that's not the first time I've had to say that to an unlucky travelling companion either. You got off light Farley, believe me

Alright, back in and undiscovered (until now, and presumably when it was built and used previously) wing of the ruins of stonekeep.

This may be the first thing you've ever said that hasn't made me secretly wish that Throg had finished you when he had the chance

Maybe if we wait here long enough Wahooka will drop in to tell us to put that key in the lock

A crazy ass pedestal in the middle of nowhere! Maybe I should recheck my inventory for esoteric equipment with no obvious purpose that I've picked up in the last thirty seconds

After going through every last piece of equipment I happen upon this thing and bingo bango throg's your uncle. Course now that I'm not recovering from a massive open chest wound trauma it doesn't look much like pegasus at all and instead looks like a gecko with huge wings for feet

Lo? Behold? Save some old timey rhetoric for when we're on the other side gramps

Answers to these questions and more as the game takes a turn for the minewalled as we enter phase 2: ChalkKeep