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by RevBabyKiller

Part 17

I apologise for the harsh language, sometimes I let my anger get away from me

Don't leave me in suspense here buddy, it's just the two of us, no need for dramatic pauses. Makes you seem like an ass.

Really stuck on the pause thing huh. I'm tired of this awkward pause stand-off, I cave. Just spit it out already

So you didn't make them. I don't recall making them. But then who else could possibly have carved out these mines? Maybe I'll ask the first creatures we come across

Listen up giant bug, I have a series of questions and I want them answered immediately. Did you or individuals in your party contribute to the creations of these mines? Answer quickly or I may have to resort to my questioning staff!

Prepare for level two antagonism you otherwise peaceful (albeit irritatingly noisy) mosquito bastards!

That's the spirit Farley! Let's knock these littl-uns around until we get our way. Yeild before your bipedal masters!

For every fly we kill another descends from the ceiling to take its place. If they weren't so weak and ineffectual I'd be getting concerned

Finally, time to take a step back and catch our breath. Eliminating an entire species has never felt this good

Hear now the ferocious warcry of the sharga before they prepare to cross swords

Of course, being able to shout rallying cries doesn't mean they'll be particularly good at swordal kombat

But on the upside they've got this bodacious scroll that contains a fancy new rune, one that will make me ever more of a stealth assassin I hope. Watch out Garrett Von Thiefington there's a new masters of the shadows in town! And his name is Khull-Khum, but after him I'm probably somewhere in the running

Shits, the dreaded Mushroomus Giantius. Shore up your courage Farley, it's back into the action for us