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by RevBabyKiller

Part 18

Turns out the mushroom just serves as an alarm and has no actual means of attack other than it's piercing shriek and peculiar thrusting, up and down and up and down

Instead of hiding secrets in bricks, whoever built these here mines uses buttons camouflaged as stones to hide their wares. One dead barrell later and I'm ready to begin unravelling the mystery of the barrell button

The plot thickens: the mystery button revealed an inlet with a sharga inside already in the latter stages of surrender. The Sherlock Holmes in me leads me to believe there may be even more to uncover.

Eureka, another button! What wonder of wonders will this button reveal? More hidden territories packed with loot and riches?

Arrow holes. That's significantly less exciting. Could be worse I suppose, though I can't imagine how. It's starting to seem like this level won't have anything unique at all

And the BAM! Ettin! The unkillable terror, a monster beyond comprehension, a creature as terrifying as it is overly stuffed with heads (it has two you see). Lucky for us we caught this gigante sleeping. But how to get to the shit on the otherside of the room without waking him? I already have a rune of quietness, but no means of casting it. This sexy adventure will have to wait until later

But the only other way I can travel is blocked and the only way I can remove it is with this giant hammeraxe but I already have two items in my hand. This puzzle is truly one for the ages

Fast-forward thirty minutes and I've deduced a way to place my current weapons back into the scroll and instead use the two handed battlehammer to break these rocks like Hogs McElizabethMolester broke Elizabeth's spirit

Check this shit out sirs, now the rocks are gone and walking through has become relatively easy!

Beyond the rockpile we encounter a fungal growth that squarbles and shoots disgusting fleshy orbs randomly into the air. They rate just above the mushrooms in terms of difficulty. This one in particular is guarding a pretty sweet item

Petrified fecal material, probably left by your average human male or above average sharga female. Either way I can't see it not coming in handy somewhere down the line if for no other reason than I can throw it at Wakooha

Farley and I got so deeply into the crap related discovery we accidentally fell into this hole with absolutely no way out. Nothing left to do but play the waiting game and maybe attempt to repopulate the human-dwarfen race. Which doesn't seem to exist I guess we're pioneers, in a way

In the meantime why don't I cant my head upwards and look back through the hole we just fell in

No visible ladders or other means of escape. Oh well, at least things can't get any worse

Great Thera's bleeding vagina of justice, the Ettin!