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by RevBabyKiller

Part 22

Get your ass back here with my reward! Which, coincidentally, is probably your ass

Too many more notches in my belt and there won't be enough left to call a belt. But I'm a trooper, so I'll carry on fighting, even if I have to do it one handed. Get ready, random sharga who isn't the small sharga that ran off somewhere!

Word travels fast round these parts. Course having a name don't mean I won't clobber you when the timing feels right

But first I'll distract him with my dazzling mastery of all things linguistic. I managed to talk myself out of a severe beating once. Once.

That's not really much of a compliment skrag, seeing as I'm a full grown adult male human and you're the rought equivalent of an armoured toddler with the downs

Maybe by telling all of the remaining shargas you don't want killed to stay the hell out of our way. I can call off Operation Depopulation for now, but if another sharga comes at me the moratorium will be as dead as, well, you will be when that thing I just said happens

Did your fancy leaves happen to reveal where he may have gotten himself off to? That information would probably be a lot more useful than just knowing my name. Don't know if that's how the leaves work but I'd recommend finding out more important stuff next time than just names. Just a suggestion, of course

Uh, could you say again all after "There You.."? It seemed like that would be the part where your information would actually start getting useful. Probably just wishful thinking on my part. No? Fair enough, I'll ask something else then

At the end of the linear tunnel I'm currently venturing down perhaps?

What are you, the pet shop boys? I was already heading west, jerkass. That hidden doorway stuff sounded kind of useful though, so I'm a kinda sorry about the "jerkass" thing. Oh well, what's done is done

So far the only "giant" I've encountered would be the Ettin. Surely there can't be any more giants in the immediate vicinity


Ah, you meant this rune would help me, not that business of remembering you. I think that's what you meant, because the alternative is that I've wasted five minutes talking to a leaf burning invalid

Don't tell me what I can and can't do! I saved one of your idiot friends from a toilet snake, you all owe me. Whatever's in their doesn't frighten me

You win this round tiny sharga. Say, this couldn't be the giant skag was going on and on about earlier could it? No, no of course not. That'd be too easy, what with the not having to go near the Ettin and everything

You're always such a contributor, Farls. At least if Karzac has said it the raw awesomeness of his voice would have distracted from the stupidity of the statement itself

I've had just about enough of this bizarro smurf encampment, I'm out of here

On second thought maybe I'd like to take one last look around. Why don't I rotate 180 degrees and come back through the door I just exited

Careful, that's bannable

You do realize that the ass end of your base is just a long, open hallway with no doors or other impediments at all, right?

Of all the dwarves I hate right now, I hate you the most

If you let me in I'll make sure to beat it out of one of you. Not the big one of course, but he's so comically large it's questionable whether he can even get out of the room he's in

You're all lucky I'm far too lazy to walk for 30 seconds to get to the back of your little fort! Let's blow this shitty "sharga freedom league" or whatever the shit it is and get back to our most important quest, smearing shit on Khull-Khum's bedroom walls. Also something about a missing brother.

Right, the Ettin. Time for me to go all Sam Fisher to your two headed creature that Sam Fisher sneaks past to get a key at some point over you!