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by RevBabyKiller

Part 24

Mooch the Gibbon is back for another thrilling round of turning useless crap into worthless advice

Do I look like Bobby Drake because I just gave you an Ice Burn! Choke on this precious gem!

Tired of riches? I may just have something that's more to your liking

Come on, eat the poo! Eat it! Just one bite! Eat one bite and maybe I'll give you something else you'd like

Who would have guessed the stinky throg ale would have come in handy so shortly after the seemingly random nonsequitor we had not more than two minutes ago? Serendipity at its finest

And so help me moongod, if you say "Oh I've got something for you alright, in my pants", it'll be go time

You sly dog, is there a super cryptic message in there regarding the god of this temple and one of his body parts? Because if so it flew right by me, could you phrase what you said in a less irritating way?

Aaaand he's off like my prom dress. These are the precious moments I cherish most of all, the time when his next visit is furthest away. What other wonders await us. A room with a sign, looks important!

I don't know what a garderobe is, but I'm more pumped now than ever too see what's in there

So it's a room full of shit and sludge. Well that's...that's something

Oh shit sirs, throgs conversing ahead! These baddies are taller than anything I've faced yet and thus have more inherent worth. Can two dwarfs and a sex offender ever hope to win?