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by RevBabyKiller

Part 25

I'm going to fireblast those slavers back to before the stone age. Magicka makes things oh so much easier, how can anything possibly go wrong

Firing first volley and sweet merciful crap those fuckers can move! They move faster than my friends and family did when they were fleeing from Khull-Khum! Hey, that's a little hurtful

Could you just hold on a second there honcho? After I've balled your friend to death I'll be better able to service you

Come on you Persian looking pirate zombie hybrid, you can't attack me while I'm fighting someone else, it violates several codes of ethical battle conduct. Not to mention it's a cheap tactic

Get 'im Farley! Not so tough now that I killed your friend from a safe distance using projectile weaponry are you, huh!

Not turning out as well as you'd hoped, is it Greenbeard? Now Karzac's getting in on the abuse, it's the triple threat

This looks like it may end badly for some of us on team discovery channel

Prepare for a sword to the crotch fiend! Not by blocking it, though, I meant for you to mentally prepare

This guy shrugs off crotch blows like they were less painfull than crotch blowing

He can't have long left, surely no throg can stand against the combined might of a hemopheliac and his two tiny travelling companions for long

Be a team player and take a dive already mongo, you're embarassing me in front of the warf-days

After some more crushing blows and some heavy retreating on my part we finally drop him like he was grade 10 french and begin the grieving process. The grieving process is very similar to the looting process, but with some additional tears

Good, then we're 5% of the way done. Worst scavenger hunt ever, or best? We'll see

Sorry Karzac, I would give it to you but then I'd probably never hear the end of it. For now that crude brain bucket you're already wearing will have to do.

We've happened upon a throg patrol route! If we were to cast the spell of quiet walking and time it just right, we may be able to sneak past him unnoticed. Or I could blast him from a safe distance with the runestaff, leaving us relatively unscathed