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by RevBabyKiller

Part 26

Having successfully snuck through the heavily patrolled section, it's time to let it all hang out and kill who needs killing and save who needs saving

Those throgs are too lazy to patrol, so it stands to reason they may be too lazy to come after me if I blast them

Hypothesis Proven! Now to take care of the only loose end

Blasted from afar and unable to retaliate! This is such a delicious serving of misery I might just have to step in for a closer look

Kamikaze Fire Rush! Fire crotch tries to take us all down with him, but fails ever so slightly. Praise be to overwhelmingly biased in our favor odds!

Not only did they build a closet to house a hole in the ground, some poor bastard had the dubious job of creating the most ambiguous sign in informative sign history. Sounds a little suspect, I'll pass on the hole going down into by me for now

Harsh, but short and to the point. I will reward your brevity by not killing you. Let's check in on the guy in the room directly east of yours and see what he has to say for himself

We appear to have happened across some manner of throg pimp

It's not friendly but it's not particularly threatening. Maybe this guy can tell me where Dombur is relaxing at these days

HEY! The Personal Space Bubble, honor it! I will staff a memorandum of grievance so fast it will make you wonder why I can't do my actual job as fast I can write up nonsense memos that have nothing even remotely close to useful in them. Besides, all you have is a runestaff, and you can't fire that in such close proximity because the blast will hurt you as well. Check and mate el diablo pimpiolo

Oh shits, he's pulling some crazy ass Donatello moves out of nowhere! What an impossible to anticipate development this has turned out to be!

All that magicka training has made you unable to take a hit! Bad news for you, when you recover from that last hit, there'll be another here waiting for you

That's it Karzac, bash that red canvas wearing putrid green bonesack

While he's doing the funky chicken I might as well step back and down some delicious root

Quick run, he's casting balls at us! Fireballs, the second worst kind of balls to have smack you in the face.

Luckily we made it around the corner in time and his balls exploded harmlessly all over the wall. Now it is time for us to engage in battle, mage, and this will be the bloodiest and best of all battles that have yet been fought by anyone anywhere