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by RevBabyKiller

Part 27

Or he'll go down after one more hit. I really thought this guy had more fight or zazz or spunk or jizz or moxie or whatever you want to call it

He did have this rather useless rune. It lights a fire on the ground in the square ahead of you that an enemy can just walk through and stab your in the eyes

Like so. The dreaded tiny fire that heats your feet attack!

Here's a runestaff related mishap involving test firing it directly at the wall ahead of me

The first useful passive rune, the mighty rune of strengthening. Course it would be wasted on me cause I'm so damn buff, but maybe the dwarflings can use a boost

Two holes in the ground? That's twice as enticing!

You again! Last time we met I cut you into smaller pieces and left you for dead! And this time I'll do it again, and there's nothing that can shake me

By thera's ghost you duplicated yourself somehow. What we've got here is a head scratcher

Gross, but manageable. Now they're down to five tendrils between them

Three! Three fucking sewer mutant squiddies, that's one each. And none of us are man or dwarf enough for that

It's disgusting but also somehow mesmerizing. Enough gawking, let's get cleaving

Times like these I resort to Sun Tzu or whatever the hell the stonekeep equivalent would be: divide and multipy. And then conquer!

One squid down, I forget how many remaining. More than one which is too many at any rate

Farley, woo the daintier one over so that we may visit our loathing upon him in the form of axe and sword wounds

I said the daintier one, daintier!

It's starting to smell like Elizabeth's room in here

Alone at least. And now the dance begins again

Drake : 4
Weirdass dungeons and dragons octopus monsters: 0. Except for the multiple times I died and reloaded

Three of those bastards and all I got was this lousy float Spell. I can't even fly up through holes with it, I can only float over them. This is the biggest dissapointment since Khull-Khum ruined christmas

Stuck taking the stupid ladder since the stupid float rune doesn't do anyhing useful. I'm going to have to muder something soon or I'll start shitting blood again

Not much territory left this side of the altar room. Just this little closet next to me, time to take a gander at what's inside

Giant Goblin Head with Tweakable Nose!