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by RevBabyKiller

Part 28

The giant stupid head shocks you every time you tweak it's nose an probably recharges the runestaff or something

Multiple levers! Exciting contraptions must be imminent

So it's a prison then. Neato. These guys thought of everything, except that leaving their enemies alive could come back to bight them in the ass

Is that really the most important thing we could be talking about right now? Maybe the current prison break deep inside enemy lines situation could use your attention

No shit. Keep on this like this and I may have to beat the shit out of you and take it and put it in my inventory infront of your brother

Against my better judgment I activate the spear wall disengagement device

Checking out the other cells we find some prisoners who were not so lucky. Why oh why couldn't Dombur have been one of them?

Fuck you're awesome. From now on anything Farley wants me to hear he should whisper to you and have you relay it to me. That'll reduce the suck substantially

Yes, yes I can. On the other hand I believe I've met my end of the Adventurer Creed, so I figure maybe no one could fault me for just leaving you here

It's almost as though you were built from the ground up to counter Farley's intense suck by countering every stupid thing he says

Gee Willikers Dombur, we've had some mighty fine adventuring so far by golly gosh!

So now we're a party of four. And you left a rotten chunk of meat for my OCD scroll, so it's not a total waste

My name is Drake and I like to dish dish dish! We finally have enough for some new group dynamics, like gossip and backstabbing

So now we have a repetitive drone with no personality, a tiny old man with a voice like crushed rock and a retard. We're like the A-Team but not as overrated

This seems like a counter-productive rune to cast on enemies. I probably just won't use it

That's a nice burn Karzac, but save some of that vitriol for the other members of our team when their back's are turned

While this may look like your average door, if you look closely you'll see there's a weirdass head over the top that denotes it as the entrance to the temple proper

It appears to be a throg shaman engaged in some manner of festive dancing. But what is the meaning behind the dance? Friendship? Love? A new fangled battle-dance?