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Part 32

Time sure flies when you're not playing ten year old games and taking screen shots for posterity. Ready thyself for dialogue aplenty

Dis! He's pretending not to know who Farl and Dombur are. That or he's all blind and shit. There's either bad blood here or a serious medical condition, either one is rife with potential for future exploitation. Mental Note: Tee hee hee

And good luck verifying my story down here in the sixth level of hell, dwarf. The sixth level presumably being the boring one where people talk too much and not hit each other with rocks

Maybe you missed him, he did enter less than a faerie's blink ago, so I could so how that would happen. Except not.

Oooooh, maybe this is the dwarf drama-rama I was sniffing at earlier.

This is the kind of underlying tension and bitter resentment that generally only occurrs after the two parties involved have sex. Angry but ultimately unfulfilling sex that leaves everyone a little jaded and a lot sticky. But involving dwarves, just like my prom

I've known Farley for some time now and that has to be about the coolest thing he's done. Maybe I'll hang on to him after all. Surely nothing could happen in the very near future to cause me to lose him

The first leg of our journey begins!

The first leg of our journey ends!

Let my run it by Thun first, he seems to have a pretty good grasp on the doings and transpirings here in the 'hold

I don't recall Thun giving you permission to talk

My war party is dropping like Logsplitter PitStains' pants whenever Elizabeth was around. Seemingly by accident, but always coincidentally at the same time and place. Wait that's not a relevant comparison at all.

Depends who's asking

By the mighty beard of Karzac, time to get our eavesdrop on!

Dwarf politics is to regular politics as dwarf wrestling is to regular wrestling. They're both a retarded waste of time, but I'll be damned if one doesn't bore me while the other makes me giggle like a schoolgirl watching her first naked dwarf tossing competition

Well this is going to be embarassing, here I am about to meet their ruler and I don't even know human-dwarf etiquette. Should I kneel, or will he think I'm an asshole for adopting the same posture I'd use to look a toddler in the eye? I'll just play it cool and act like I'm lost, "crazy foreigner on vacation" never fails