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by RevBabyKiller

Part 35

How to invite Karzac back into my war party without letting him know that I'm desperately alone and yearning for some granite voiced companionship? I'll say Torin wants it, yeah that's the ticket. He'll never be able to see through a ruse that clever! Although it is amusing how bored he got after no more than fifteen minutes back in his own home

That's the kind of manly talk that leads me to believe he'll never, ever back out of my war party because he gets scared. That'll surely never happen

Come on, you can sit a little closer than that. I promise I won't try the age old yawn-into-arm-around-the-neck maneuver that I'm famous for topside. Where my body is (was?). If I smell of anything, it's victory

Farley's teary goodbye letter. I guess to pay for deserting his post, he now has to stay away from his post for awhile. Makes sense.

Well oh hell yeah! If my old buddy the Master-Chief's claims are to be believed, the library is where all the coolest shit goes down. I am pumped for some crazy balls out action! And maybe even some fighting!

Of the violence in my name persuasion, preferably

It's a four square room, two squares of which are taken up by scroll holding crates. Four of these rooms together wouldn't add up to humble

No faeries, eh? Foreshadowing!

A list of the orbs in sequence. I'll just read these once, commit it to memory, and toss the scrolls away. What application could this knowledge possibly have? Surely nothing important

Is this scroll telling me what to do? I'm through taking orders from parchment!

What did I just tell your papyrus buddy? Research it yourself cornface

Neat, a novel tie-in. Makes reading the novel almost a waste, what with giving away the ending and everything, but that's cool I guess. Maybe dwarfs just don't like surprises

Most of em. Then everything went a little blurry and a bell started ringing in my head so I had to sit down for awhile. I'll start again in a few minutes, your majesty

I am the One! Eat it Neo and and the guy that Jet Li played in that one movie that had a similar premise...fisting legends or something. Enough reading, back to the mingling

Ouch, no name huh? Tough break there Dwarfie. I don't know how it works for you guys, whether there are only ten names and it's first come first serve or what, but I know a certain Mr Grak may not have much need for his name anymore. Just a suggestion

Alright, you dwarfs know how to party. Just gotta wait till no one's looking and then I'll get my grab on, transient looter style!