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Part 37

Randbrick posted:

Dude, try giving one of the feathers throgg shaman drop to the weapon shop dwarf.

I'm trying, but the dirty bastard won't enter his "accepting payment" stance no matter what the hell I try. He'll come up behind me to remind me to pay before leaving, but when I turn to pay him he scampers back to his table and just stands there staring blankly at me. He's fucking with me, I just know it. And it led to this little out-of-continuity encounter

Here he is giving me the price list

And me reading the price list. That's good stuff.

Now I've grabbed some of his lootage and, seeing as he won't accept my money, figured he must want me to have it for free. Only it turns out he does want me to pay him using some kind of money-less transfer

Welcome to level two antagonism

Looks like I just did

He freaks out, resulting in a quick and relatively painless death. I say relatively because he did a lot of screaming, but I felt fine so it couldn't have hurt that much

He has a unique key that locks/unlocks his shop door and his storage door down the hall, that can only be unlocked by killing him. Of course, killing him ruins the rest of the game unless you planned ahead and put a teleportation point outside the dwarven stronghold, cause once they get wind of his death they go all bloodthirsty with the revenge wanting and lock the entry door. In the short term if you lock his shop door with his corpse in there then no one is the wiser, not even Karzac who watched you do it

Here's the storage room you can only get in by ruining the game. It has a bunch off entry level weapons that I already have in triplicate, so that's no good. Surely there must be some kind of stupid reward in here

Is Jesus around, cause I just found an easter egg!