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by RevBabyKiller

Part 38

Another bonus side-note, here's what happens if you hook up with Karzac before going to fight Grak. Everything proceeds the same as before with Karzac hanging back and letting Drake do all the tough talking. Until Drake preps to depart and then wa-pow!

Grak gets the full package this time, including magic axe to the face and dwarf axe to the right testicle

Not to seem ungrateful, but I had to kill a kleenex full of tiny shargas to get the key to bust him out from certain sacrifice or starvation and give him some modesty trousers to hide his shame. I then fed, armed, and healed him repeatedly. As the Fray would mournfully say that's how to save a life. Yelling "Watch Out!" because a guy I've already killed once today is walking slowly toward me is less saving my life and more filling Farley's role as the oral component of filtering information from sight to mind.

This is a rather minor change based on where you go first, later on in the game they have massive repercussions