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by RevBabyKiller

Part 40

From feared warrior spirit to undead thing, the tone sure changes a lot when someone else has done all the heavy lifting

Unless it somehow comes back from the dead

"Saving lives and taking roots" will be my new slogan for my non sex-trade related business card

I'm betting "dirty limerick"

I wanted the figurative definition you pompous ass! This is literally the angriest I have ever been

Even his brother? Cause I'd think it's a little more challenging for a sibling to write another sibling off for violating an arcane protocol than it appears to be for you

I'll ransack your shitcrate, but not even this exquisite shield can make me love you again. Shields are for the slack-jawed and the infirmed anyway. A real adventurer stops the enemy's blows with his mouth and is happy to do so. And then uses that same mouth to blow the enemy away

Cram it librarian, I'm done with book learning. I'm tired of this hold and everyone in it, time to see a few final folks and flee