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by RevBabyKiller

Part 41

Solid gold codpiece here I come

No offense but doesn't that make you less a smith and more an idiot that doesn't know the basics about his chosen trade?

Fiddlesticks. I've torched more throgs than Strom Thurmond did crosses, there's no part of the flaming death I don't know intimately

Stop telling me what I do and don't know. Between you, the nosy librarian, the friend banishing jackass king, and the incompetent shop keep I'm beginning to question my allegiances

But you won't be able to say "you know" anymore or I get to claw-hammer out your teeth, you know?

If nothing else at least now I'm up one chisel. Correction, one magic chisel

Well if it isn't my old friend, crazy rambling forgetful Dombur. Time has come for a verbal battle. Yes indeed, by the time this is done I expect some very thorough tongue lashings to have been dealt