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by RevBabyKiller

Part 42

Sounding pretty indignant for a guy who just had his life saved a few hours ago. Save the lip or my buddy Karzac will show you the business end of his axe. The end that you have to put money in to operate it

aka Dwarf-Saver aka Sharga Tongue Wrestler

We meet again early onset alzheimers! Only this time I have the advantage of surprise on my side

You can stop interrupting me for one. And two, you can cram that "too busy" excuse in a sack, I'm the one on the Ultimate Mission of Supreme Importancy here, you're just some comically forgetful dwarf scientist trying to build a wooden skillet or something

Unless you were planning to use it to cower in your "lab" while your brother is out there being knocked unconscious by laughably weak enemies and locked in tiny rooms

Someone's been reading up on MacArthur's North Korean policy

Functional. Not interesting. At all. But at least they make sense

I just finished reading your private scrolls, there's no reason to get snippy with me. You sound almost as cranky as dealing with dwarfs makes me feel

And do keep in mind that I have killed before for less. Much, much less.

No, I'm here for the conversation, Dom....boar? Dumbar? Not so funny when it's your name getting mangled, is it

If there's one thing that just oozes "top secret weapon of massive casualty makingness" it's a series of wooden boxes nailed together

Damn the luck, I was hoping it would be some kind of Rock Tosser or a Brick Thrower at the very least. I am so fucking done with this town of tiny terrors and everyone in it. I'll see you jerks later on when I need your assistance again!