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by RevBabyKiller

Part 44

This time I'll take a slightly different approach and partake in the thrilling field of inter-species diplomacy

If you think I smell like man, you're gonna love what I taste like! On second thought, let me rescind that comment, as I meant it more in the risque sense and not in the "consumed in a single bite" kind of way and would rather avoid that confusion if at all possible

Sure I've met a few people who probably weighed almost as much, but none who could produce fire. From their mouths, at any rate

Huh, that common, worm chaining, where you're from? Cause I don't mean to offend but not only have I never seen or heard or known about worm chaining, I don't believe I've ever come across the manacles tiny enough to pull off such a strange endeavor. Must be a regional thing. Stop me if I'm going off on a tangent here but the idea of a class system among worms is also news to me. Would that mean worm royalty would be chained in a way more becoming of their wormly stature, or just kidding I'm pulling your leg Vermie

Please don't melt me please don't melt me please don't melt me I don't know what just happened I must have been channeling Farley I'm so sorry please don't burn me

Nuts. That's the worst kind of bonding

Well, companion at any rate. The others are off doing equally important stuff, like nailing wooden boxes together or wandering aimlessly around for some reason. Who needs the second stringers when you got the Champion (and sole remaining member) of Stonekeep on the case

If that means you'll crawl around these tiny corridors torching everyone who stands against me, then I'm gonna redouble my efforts twice over for that key

I bet it was whooka, that guy just ain't right Was it Wahooka? Please say it was Wahooka, I need this one

I zoned out for a moment there, but this talk of backside licking only sweetens the deal

Upside their head!