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by RevBabyKiller

Part 47

Fuck you Vermatrix, fuck you and your tales of riches and glory. A single gold coin? I'd wipe my ass with things like this, if I had the time or the most basic levels of sanitation. There had best be more gold under the other spots you sat, or I'm going to start tossing Karzac as high as I can

You picked the wrong towering inferno to battle today Skeez, I've just spent hours hanging around a dwarven stronghold and being lectured by idiots and getting betrayed by dragons and am more ready to bust heads than I have been all day. Now to convey my rage in angry, vitriol laced words

Dammit, I wanted fury, not passive aggressive "two-years-into-the-relationship and-the-glow-is-long-since-gone" backhanded smarm

Then I've got your ticket right here. It says One Way, Straight To Tiny Green Hell, and it's delivered in the form of a magick axe to the jugular

Cause, like, it's just that, well, you know, I've killed more of your kind than I've spend days alive, so I could see it, maybe, being awkward, somehow? Or whatever...

Fine, it's your funeral. Surely no one in my party is a big enough asshole to quit just because I take on someone they have a moral opposition to. Cause that would be fucking ridiculous (oooooh foreshadowing)

At least you won't be the shortest anymore, eh Karzac?

Tiny, green, poorly spoken and, worst of all, left-handed. The path ahead becomes more fraught with peril and danger and menace and whatever else a path can possibly be fraught with