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by RevBabyKiller

Part 48

"You think you are so tough"? Have I been slaughtering over-grown five year olds this entire time, or is there just an obscenely high rate of developmental problems down here?

Not slaughtering a town of dwarves, loosing a dragon, adopting a sharga, and now offering a throg shaman an out...I'm going to need a party member who is cool as ice soon cause I'm going as soft as my lifeless corpse topside

Are you sure? Cause you looked like you were doing a pretty good job of ignoring it before I went out of my way to walk right up to you and start conversing

We can fight, I the death, or whatever. I'm cool either way.

They don't call me Quick Draw McGraw because of my incredible drawing skills! Or at all!

An epic conclusion to an cataclysmic battle that threatened to bring the very foundation crumbling down around us. The throgs have suffered a crippling defeat with the loss of Mr, uh...Throg Shaman.

I haven't seen a temperature shift this ludicrous in a tiny area since that shitty Cave movie, the one where there was a shit ton of ice they had to break through in order to get to the sulferous chamber of fire. That movie sucked almost as much as getting lost in an area that does perpetual damage to you. Because it's cold, you see, with the freezing. Stuck in a frozen hell with a now mute dwarf and a yappy sharga, what could be worse

Fuck, more friendly shargas. This peace bullshit is spreading like crabs in the dwarven stronghold.

It's like some bizarro Wizard of Oz where the midgets are in charge and Dorothy is a mass murderer