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Part 49

Oh boy, Royalty!

Kandoc's people aren't like shargas in what sense? Because they are shargas in, you know, the literal sense. But I guess that wasn't the most important part of that story, I don't know for sure, I zoned out in hour two Kandoc's speech. There's only one response to that much jibber jabber, and it's the icy burn of not responding at all

Could you please vague it up a notch or two? Different fire is almost too obvious, this is supposed to be a puzzling adventure as well, or so I've been told

"Healer"? "Advisor"? Sweet deal, these guys are even smarter than the dwarves. Well, Dwarf at least. That guy doesn't seem to know what the fuck is happening

HOT! Including the dragon that makes two ladies so far. We finally have the numbers for a good old fashioned Drake sandwich. You get that ball rolling Gorza, I'll be back after I find the Ice Queen and see if she wants a piece of the action

Ha, giant floating icy balls. I think I may have a solution that will keep everyone happy

Fire bitches, directly on the surface of the ball!

Balls in my face, obstructing the view! Like movie night at Gorlack's house all over again