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by RevBabyKiller

Part 50

Danger!? I laugh derisively at danger. Ha ha I'll say when we encounter danger, ha ha. Also every place is dangerous, why open your face-hole now dedicated traveling companion?

Ah, I see. Collapsing tunnel segment. Keen dwarven senses at work. Good thing I am a master of pressing either forward or backwards to deftly out-maneuver falling debris. I'm almost cat-like, but without the getting eaten by the giant snake stuff

A healthy application of fire applied directly to the ice pile with surgical precision is what this situation needs. Enough fire to melt the blockage, but not enough to melt the surrounding walls and ceiling. For some reason.

What the shit is that shit off in the distance? Inverted frozen Jesus, is that you? I sure as hell hope not, that guy can be a bit of a killjoy when it comes to the warring

There must be some kind of bizarro magickal field at work here, because the closer I get the tighter my pants get. Just who is this frozen delight and why is my heart all a flutterin'

Garrett, is that you? So this is where you ended up after that nasty business with the hag and the ensuing string of youth pickpocket related murders you "allegedly" committed. A healthy blast from my magick fire wand will make short work of your frozen prison, I saw it on a medical play once

By the frozen skin of my teste satchel, if it isn't the coolest elf character in all of fantasy lore-dom. Sorry Karzak, there's a new sheriff in awesome voice town, and he ain't knee high