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by RevBabyKiller

Part 52

Unfortunately for no one but myself really my internet has been slow the last few days, so things are moving a little slower as well, but sometimes I guess that's just how it goes in the high stakes game of putting up images of fmv clowns in green makeup

Ah, because of your deeply felt beliefs on remaining a giant pussy. I understand and don't think any less of you, because I haven't thought much of you for some time now

Also: Hmmm

He'll also be of more help than snotgobbo here, but you don't see him up and quiting like a cowardly adventurer who has been defeated and molested one too many times

Enigma sends that bitch to the phantom zone.

And with him my ability to tolerate dwarfs and dwarf related activities including the growing and maintaining of beards, smithing short and stout armor, and not having any women around anywhere

Not only do you use projectile weaponry, you don't like pointless chit chat. If you share my interest in the art of dog menacing we may just have to make a side quest stop at the temple for a good old fashioned throggite inter-species marriage and grogfest

Even if he is a tiny, innacurate, weak, and ultimately ineffectual little guy who contributed nothing he is still a hold on here a second why am I defending him again?

Hello again comedy relief, how long has it been since you last spoke? Five, ten minutes? Keep those cracklers coming, they're dynamite!

It was barely interesting enough to stay awake through the first time, no way in hell I'm going to repeat it

And with that our party number has grown...well, no, I guess not...but it hasn't shrunken either...with that our party number remains the same, only now the balance has tipped from 2/3 suck-ass to a decent 2/3 rock-ass. Now let's go find some chumps to harpoon ass with