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by RevBabyKiller

Part 53

What's that up ahead, some kind of tube?

Well now this is awkward. I thought you sent Karzac home, not sent him twenty squares over and also froze him, but I could have heard you wrong or something. How about we put this on the to do list, preferably after "eat own bodyweight in dead throg shaman mean"

Great, another irritating sharga looking for hot ice cubes or liquid rock or something else retarded. Furrow your brows gents, and if he tries to talk to us I'll play the no-time-to-talk, too-busy card

Well that's unexpected...can't say as I blame him, it's fucking cold in here and I've thought about carving out the Skeez and wearing him like a balaclava for awhile now.

If that's the way it has to be, Rek, then I'm game, let's do this thing!

Or..not...I guess. Oh well, not a big deal I guess, of all the shargas I've met here you're still the least annoying. Travel well you crazy bastard

A massive drink from the frozen puddle of hurting and we are ready to carry on without all that extra health we had coming in. Luckily you can drink from it more than once, so now I know the best way to finish myself off after the Ettin steals my legs

All this walking and still no Queen or Cold Fire or even anything remotely interesting. Maybe torching that dwarf-cicle is the only way to go

Agh, sorry about the flame damage buddy, I'm sure it seers a little. That one's on me, I messed up "warming speel of protection" and "firey spell of unpleasant death" again. How have the last five minutes been for you, anyhoo?

Nice to meet you too, "Not Karzac". Certain folk, folk who are more suspicious than myself, might wonder as to how a dwarf I've never met and who has seemingly spent some time out of the dwarven loop what with the frozen being and all would know my name. But I would like to think that this is just an identical dwarf and not Karzac. But so help us all if you abandon us like Karzac did, I will burn your kind from this earth

Get back here you! I burned you, you owe me!

Dead end! Enigma, ready thy bow, and set the pull pressure to "dwarf skull"

Keen dwarven senses in action again. I'll let you off with a warning this time, but and oh yeah a minor scalding, but next time you toy with my emotions be prepared to get the third degree. Of burns, that is