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by RevBabyKiller

Part 56

Finally, a giant puzzle level with no enemies! This will really play to my strengths as a dashing adventurer, and my mate Enigma's incredible knowledge of the arcane will no doubt come in handy too


That's more like it. Those dwarfs I was just traveling with probably couldn't even look all the way up to that sign, let alone translate it. I am so hot for you right now

A pressure plate! I sure hope this will make a minor change on the other side of the map that will only become apparent after hours of scouring

Deadly spike gate traversing puzzle, we meet again, only this time I have the advantage. Skeez, clog the mechanisms with your head, it'll be fine, I've seen it done before with a mule with intestinal problems

All this walking and still no killing. What a significant blow to my walking to killing ratio

Gaze into the abyss of the interlinked series of holes puzzle and weep, for its pain is legendary. More on that later, might was well exhaust all of my options topside

I'm not patient, but I also don't much care about great magicks. Is there anything written about bypassing this section in favor of the Test of Strength or Death by Troll Sex segments?

Avast me mateys, thar be magick in them thar scrolls, so let's get with the buryin'

Do it again, but this time in pirate voice. You know the rules!

This Duck looking rune is not properly named, so I'll just assume it's the duck rune. Also if I can remember back to the hazy days of 1997 and going three days without eating due to fanatically trying to defeat this game, it's probably the duck rune anyway

Someone must have cast an illiteracy spell on me. Now I know how Enigma must have felt, except he's still cooler than me