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by RevBabyKiller

Part 57

Stonekeep Generica strikes again

Good on them...too bad their immense power for magick didn't translate into an immense power for clarity in writing

The bizarro switch control. What wonders await beyond the temporal portal of transmogrification or whatever the hell that thing said

If you squint really, really hard you may be able to see the tiny dot that indicates our location. It's in the middle of one of the long hallways, a hallway that prior to flipping that switch would consistently teleport us back to the start of the hallway. Flipping that lever now allows us to get ever closer to our goal of being infuriated by irritating level puzzles

Instead of a hole, the end of the hallway reveals a fancy wooden rotation based ladder. A ladder so special it had to be protected by the most powerful teleportation magicks the ancients could muster. This ladder had best lead to something pants-off-blowingly awesome

More trigger plates. Fascinating. Certainly more fascinating than, say, more characters to interact with

A sign that denotes an outward hostility towards us. A step in the right direction, maybe something cool is still in store.

Cram it comedy option, you're only here as trap fodder