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by RevBabyKiller

Part 58

Maniacal laughter aside, I'm at something of a dead end there, seeing as I'm missing two orbs that I very much need to proceed. One of which is in an area I forgot to go to several levels ago. Backtrack ahoy!

Side note to the messenger: you'll have to search for Gorda Karn at his new address, hell. But then I probably killed the messenger at some point as well, so maybe that won't be too hard

Here's the last uninvestigated area below the dragon's lower carrier group. That dragon was probably chained here for some time, what horrors will we encounter?

Turns out to be less dragon shit and more runes. Sweet deal, I bet Karzac is probably kicking himself for bailing instead of coming along to read scrolls with me. If not I'll be sure to do it next time I see him

Hey, you, you there in the floating gas ball! Yeah you, I remember you from hours and hours ago when I couldn't get into your lousy stink town because I didn't have the magic flute! Now I gots that flute and I'm going to use it to blow! You guys!! Away!!!

And now I know where you live. Operation Faerie Invasion begins, only this time it's the faeries who will get invaded and not vice versa

What? Vengeance against the faeries? Are you shitting me? Those guys are clowns, hell I'll help you wipe them out if it's that important to you. Vows of vengeance should be saved for, you know, tough races, not the special education class of stonekeep's basement

It's just a lowely vow of vengeance after all, nothing too important like a new year's resolution

Hardcore. Oh well, more faerie dust for the rest of us. Let's cheese it, Skeez