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by RevBabyKiller

Part 59

Pretty sure I still look the same as I did before I entered, thanks. And just because you're invulnerable to attack in your gaseous form is no reason to be mouthing off, you're lucky I don't duck back out and bring my sexy elf friend in, he's a little nuts when it comes to the faeriness

Adopting a physical manifestation will be your undoing, now Skeez and I can take you out!

Reinforcements! Itcanshay that lanplay keezslay

It's an all out assault on the senses! A thrall of squealing, high-pitched voice talking at once, the vomit colored walls, and a lingering stink of rotten flowers. This may be the ugliest place I've visited yet, and I spent a few hours fighting a misshapen squid in the tunnels where everyone shits

Bastards, using their superior numbers to their advantage. That's something me and the group of warriors traveling with me only did in 90% of the battles we had

What a sordid lot of irritating sissy names. Not an interesting lad in the lot

But what's this? Murph, you say? Tell me More!

Are you threatening me, or someone else? I can't really tell over the din, my ears feel like they started bleeding shortly after you guys started talking

I think we can all agree on the hearing more of Murph part of his sentiment

It's OOOO-Kaaay, Muurph. You're the bestest thing I've met here in the two steps I've taken so far anyway. Like Forest Gump without the sass

Whoops, there's that sass. It's ok buddy, I have the forgiveness in my heart. For you, anyway, not for the rest of you faeries. Or the dwarfs that abandoned me. Or that crazy body stealing bitch. Or anyone else but you and Enigma quite frankly. Maybe we should form a super group

One of those things is not like the others

And with that they depart with the quiet elegance and grace they showed when they arrived, like a bus load of greased up, pixie stick laced five year olds arriving at the museum of squishy and gross things