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by RevBabyKiller

Part 63

So much talking, so little distance covered. Too much more of this and I may start collecting tongues

I know that Daisy put a contract out on your head. Remain ever vigilant my irritating friend, that bitch seems crazy, willing to kill over a necklace made of flowers. But then I've killed for less

Maybe Daisy was on to something

Praise the tender mercies of the god of misplaced items for the favor he has shown this day

Low blow, appealing to the shiny item whore in me. I'll get your damn book, but then you gotta send me back!

Random parchment? Make haste into my inventory sleeve!

Another flower necklace...maybe this one is Daisy's...good thing I didn't go back with just the other one I suppose, she didn't seem well adjusted

Crap, someone roused the philosopher king

Continue this line of questioning and they may have to rename you "The sharga with the man-sized fist imprint in the soft spot on the top of his head"

And shargas don't often sharg. Or maybe they do, just not while I'm killing them, which is how I spent roughly 99% of my time with shargas before I met you

For some, the sweet release of death cannot come soon enough