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by RevBabyKiller

Part 64

Tiny belligerent faerie or tiny nauseatingly sweet faerie, what wonders await?

Well this is a welcome change. I guess.

The decisive words of a legendary slayer of beast and man!

This queen's got a lot of buzz around here. I should warn you the last queen I met ended up getting, uh, well, nevermind.

How exciting, someone else is pulling her strings. Someone who hasn't learned their lesson to not let ten year olds act as proxies....yet

That's me alright, Drake the Jokester.

Get on with...oh, right, the goods exchange, that's the ticket, that's what I was thinking about, for sure

You violated the no joke treaty! It was an implied oral contract we had, implied oral!

To imagine Drake laughing, think Rex Banner attempting to laugh

I'm not running for elected office, I'm a disembodied murder machine chasing an empty suit of armor to avenge the woman who stole my body.

In fact you could say it's "key" to seeing her? That's right, I can make terrible jokes too, crankia mctinyton