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by RevBabyKiller

Part 67

With that they gave me a worthless flower and took off. I'll be back for you chumps later! Moving right along

First, a quick stop at the brewery to pick up a mohito

What a swell guy. If only all fetch quests were this easy

Please accept this complimentary ear massage in lieu of your fancy pants book

That's the kind of effect Enigma joining the party had on Karzac. Hoy-oo, Ice burn on you Enig...oh, right, the blood oath

No one throughout all of recorded history has been this excited to read a book

Hey! That's uncalled for! I'm not your buddy

Flowers down, twice around and a key with no apparent lock. I hate you Realm of Ultimate Ambiguity

Enjoy the Skeez backwash, I know I did. Not, not that is

That's good news, I was beginning to think I'd have to wear the faerie pants and dance a merry jig to see them

Just in case, let's go "see" what happened

Purple mosquitoes! This place is insane!

Now how did this charcoal end up in Troll town? Rally the Hardy Boys, we need our best on this one

A sentry mushroom!

And here there be Jiggles' drums...these trolls aren't just Khull-Khum collaborators, they're also rampant thieves

Immobilizing gas attack! I can still attack, just not walk...all things considered this ranks pretty high on the ineffectual traps roster