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by RevBabyKiller

Part 68

Troll trap evaded (the gas lasts ten seconds), fighting invisible Trolls suddenly doesn't seem so smart. Back I go to were things are less deadly and more sucky

Keep your distance whacko, I've got someone waiting for me on the outside

Nice try, but now that I've got a war party I can get kisses anytime I'd like!

Now we play the foraging game again

Phew, just a clover. Next character to try and make me frisk them gets an axe to the temple

Yeah, no problem. Now never talk to me again, please

I'm back you jerks, and this time it remains cold and distant!

Put me down for some of the option number two. See you in a year or two

Hey! You said you'd let me go if I didn't want to hear more! The urge to join the trolls grows ever stronger

I'm liking this new change in direction. I share you distaste for dwarves, and would like to hear more

From the most morose character yet encountered to the one most likely to be accused of eating a cocktail comprised of pixie sticks, cocaine, red bull and the flesh of a kid with ADD, this is a pretty striking change in character. What talents could you possibly have that would make you a worthy addition, short of your apparent bi-polarism

Skeez will fill you in on my policy regarding conversation and looking at me directly in the eyes