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by RevBabyKiller

Part 69

Back with the troll probing, can't be long now before


Opening communication channels via a magickal axe to the face, troll response imminent

That response is inappropriate to the original subject matter and was only made to illicit a negative response! There's only one classification for that!

Well that's handy, the first trolls I come across just so happen to have the Orb of Blueness. That's good news for the rest of the trolls I'm no longer obligated to kill

Of course, Yoth-Soggoth. I'd recognize that giant blue orb anywhere

Ha ha, hello again ineffectual trap.

What in the magickal world of irritating halflings is this thing?

A horse-shoe? In this part of the world? No, no, none of this adds up at all. What if it's a trick, and it's poisonous?

Here you go Skeez, have fun, but stand a little ways away from me

Too bad for you guys I love murder. Engage the funky chicken!

Good thing I did more searching. This magicka rune stick makes my last magicka rune stick look like it is of inferior quality and capacity!

Ah, the feeling of wiping out an entire species. There's nothing quite like it