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by RevBabyKiller

Part 70

If it'll buy me some quite it's cheap at the price

Pushy bastard. At least he's humble

I take it all back, that painting is spectacular. I guess, I haven't seen your precious queen.

No problem. Now beat it!

More of this nonsense. Get back here and explain yourself! I know where you live! In what realm, anyway

Time to take my grievances to their head chump. I found your secret door lock, now I'm going to find you!

Stuck up queen has a protective barrier blocking her throne. Can't blame her, I'd do the same if I was stuck ruling over this group of miscreants

If you won't come out Queenie, I'm taking this shirt!

This is the most irritating puzzle in the entire game. Pretty much I put two primroses down in each segment, and then walk clockwise and counter-clockwise twice around the larger throne room square until eventually the throne room will open hopefully.

Bingo! But there's no Queen...oh well, prime opportunity to leave my trademark calling card on her throne

Whoops, looks like she just teleported in to beat me to the punch