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by RevBabyKiller

Part 71

Queen bee busts out some short tales about Atlantis, Khull-Khum, and crowd favorite Wahooka. She also gives a big up yours to the deaf by not subtitling her speeches.

Some dizzying action and crazy tales later, it's back to the killing! Or, more likely, the finding and returning

First a quick stop at the local brewery to procure some liquid courage

And then to wang on by the local drumgali

I can't help but think I've contributed to a great evil here today

That's it for now, Faerie realm. I'll be back for your plays and long boring speeches about local history when you least expect it

I never thought I'd yearn for the clarity of "Roses Down Twice Around"

Even the basement of this place doesn't have anything to fight. Damned Ancients!

Hours and hours of pointless wandering around and teary eyed rants later, we happen across a fancy silver statue of a regal duck. I'm no puzzle-ologist, but this seems important. Skeez, ready my duck-based rune

One duck rune spell later, and an inlet into the wall is revealed. I've never been so happy to investigate a duck hole

Makes as much sense as a duck statue acting as a magick seal.

But this is just fucking CRAZY!

Finally, some physical sphere action. Those are the best kind of spheres!

Good, that means I'll probably never have to interact with him. That's usually how these things work, I believe

Another orb! My collection grows ever more powerful! This one is perhaps the most incredible of all, it can be used to rise out of the holes that before I could only jump into. And there's one hole in particular that I've always wondered where it went, and now I'll get to find out. The good money is on "up"