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by RevBabyKiller

Part 73

Of course I can't go through that door yet, I haven't checked out the surrounding area for lootage and, Kor-Soggoth willing, a corpse or two to desecrate

Huzzah, a stately set of gold armor laying beside a pile of bones. I'm two for two!

And a wolf key, for wolf door access!

Confound it, the wolf key just isn't key enough. Three straight levels of almost no killing are starting to get me a little antsy, and now with Skeez gone there's no one left in my party who sucks enough to kill

After reading this I almost feel bad about shattering your bones cursing your name. Almost.

Here's a bit of a brain bender for you Enigma: if this place is supposed to have been untouched since the days of the ancients, how has this fire kept burning? And before you say magick I have a follow-up: why did they store one of their keys there? These ancients really are a bunch of jerks

Eagle key trumps wolf key? What kind of bizarro universe is this? This wouldn't fly back where my physical body is, I can tell you that much right now

Also targets will stop in their tracks when they reach the preprogrammed limits of how far they can move from a preselected position, but it's nice to know I have a spell that can save me the hassle of having to step backward

Ominous! In fact, the ominosity is through the roof on this one. Through the roof and into the level above this, which is still three levels below a sewer

Courage lads and lady, surely the terrifying purple whirling dervish won't tear us painfully into a thousand pieces and toss us into a thousand different dimensions, that would be ludicrous. If only we still had that sharga guinea pig here

So long, physical realm. Well, not quite I guess, because my body was left at the top of a gaping maw and I was transported via ethereal means to the sunken stonekeep, so now this leads my not real body into another dimension layered beneath the one the existed beneath the one I'm currently not inhabiting...or something, it gets oh so confusing without a constant stream of foes to meet a brutal and humiliating death at my hands