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by RevBabyKiller

Part 74

Gravity appears to function horizontally in this crazy dimension, because we're being pulled forward. But toward what? Nothing to do now but whip my head wildly around to seek out clues

By the itchy balls of throggi, those are some huge rib bones! Thankfully I'll presumably never find out what they belong to

Oh shit, it's a giant skeleton! Seems to me like the giant glowing skull is not the best place for us to be, time to resist the forward momentum with all the focus I can muster

What's that shady business over there! A skeleton crawling out the bog and screaming, somehow! Thankfully it's not distracting me from

Oh no, I'm slightly closer now! Get it together people, resist the pull

Wait, what's this business with the screeching in the sky?

What a striking bit of imagery, I sure hope nothing creepy comes along to spoil it

Gadzooks, that innocent looking blood red moon became a skull, what an unseemly development. Speaking of skulls, it feels like I've neglected something important

Right, the giant glowing skull of impending doom

Hey buddy, little help? No? Fuck you then. Sparkle, snag bonesy here. If we get sucked in, he should get sucked in

So far as possible outcomes of being eaten by a much larger creature go, this one ranks somewhere in the middle

Palace of Shadow? Wait till the Shadow King finds out they ripped off his name. There'll be angry shaken fist hell to pay, followed by idle threats of destruction and some walking away