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by RevBabyKiller

Part 77

A week and a bit worth of burning later and I can finally get on with the ogling myself in the mirror. With no impediments

Again with the burning. I'm not about to take shit from a mirror this late in the walk and talk fest

One light, glancing blast to the fragile glass later and the only reflecting this mirror will do is reflecting how much it sucks to be a broken mirror.

All of that burning has yielded a piece of mystery mirror, a fancy glass shard of unknown composition and no interest. At all. I don't think it even does anything short of make scrolling through the inventory more of a hassle

Also not smart enough to tell the difference between a wall and not-a-wall. Fucking magickal barriers, you're the worst kind of barrier next to physical barriers

Hey, it's that guy no one likes who keeps popping up at random times for no apparent reason! I wonder where this is heading

Fingers crossed he's only here to mention he has a painful, humiliating and hopefully crotch related injury

And strike you mightily in the face with my blunt hammer of cunning, time permitting

And why are you doing it directly behind me!?

Know me now by my other name, Drake Von PokerFace

Explain yourself, you no dog saving kid thiever!

Please note also that I have no way of proving or disproving your claims, and you haven't been the most reliable source, oh ye of riddled ambiguity

If profit means broken sharga swords, I think I've got the market covered. Also this isn't even my real body, or even my realm of existence, so what good will finding loot here in the nowhere do me?

At least you're taking credit for helping me, which is the next best thing. Also everyone else died, which is a bit of a downer

I zoned out here, but I assumed he wrapped up by wishing ill will on the old Khum-ster

Good question, Enigma. As a corollary: how about not you? I'll give you the three shiniest things in my magic sack if it'll buy me free of you

Heroic Drake, slayer of the many, feller of eras old throg shaman, has now been nagged into defeat

Joining my war party seems to be as easy as standing behind me and turning when I do. Lucky for me throgs never caught on to this massive gaping hole in my defenses

The party is full again. Nothing can stop us now but boredom and/or apathy. Also Khull-Khum