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by RevBabyKiller

Part 78

Back to the wandering aimlessly

Right, the yang cramming hole. But now I've got some ying as well!

And the circle is complete. The advancing by inches continues

This is the chance to break out that translation rune I've been sitting on for so long! Any game with a manual translation system can't be all bad

Whoever wrote this violated the most basic tenant of signage. It's less a sign and more a full-blown chronicle. Any longer and I'd have broken out the reading glasses and professor pipe

Where the? Back to the walkabout...

Thanks to the insertion of the yingyang, a magick door has appeared! Either that or a door that was once obscured by magick has been revealed. Whichever way you prefer

This can't be good.

Unless he's planning to surrender. Wahooka, get out there and make with the dialoguing

Crap in pants

All that for an angry fist shake? We know you don't like us, you don't have to show up in person to remind us of that fact. At least no one got hurt this time

We seem to have accelerated backwards for some reason. Lucky for me that's where my party hangs out

Aaaaaaand the goblin absorbs the least of the impact. Way to be a team player mister powerful

This giant orb like thing (it's an orb) is far to big to carry, and my magic staff with the shrink rune selected has too many charges. Perhaps these two situations can be combined somehow...

Many success! Now we have the strength orb, good for the strengthening