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Part 79

Say what you will about the snappy protagonist dialogue of the games of today, Drake had witty rejoindres in a computer game all sewn up back in 1994. Kind of like Enigma held the patent on cool for a few years back in the day

A floating skull with green laser eyes being orbited by two skulls. Looks like someone got to pick first when it came to the villainous naming game, and decided that context be damned!

Here's Khull-khum breaking a tower for some reason. Assume it's not the "you were killed by Scourge" screen and is instead here to show what Khull-Khum is doing in his forbidden chamber of miniature buildings right now

There's no more appropriate time for random musings than during the most difficult battle so far

No. That doesn't even make sense

That makes at least four of us

Please, continue speaking uninterrupted, nothing important is happening right now

Oh right you the floating skulls guy how are things now with the one less skull?

Tough talk like that, he must be gearing up to take this battle to the next level of

oh wait no he's dead. Oh well.

But by Yoth-Soggoth's marrow was it exciting!

Except for all those times we failed and I had to rely on the reload game magicka

Now I need a level two translate rune to translate this into something worthwhile

That's it for the longest, lamest, most eye-ball cauterizingly bad level of the game. There was also a segment where, I shit you not, you had to have cast a mark spell outside of that area because if you went in without one cast there was no conceivable way out. Doesn't matter when you last saved your game, 5 minutes ago or 5 hours ago, you had to reload and make sure to cast a mark spell that you could recall to late ron. Super fucking lame. It's the room with the stupid orb through the yingyang door, I just forgot to get a screenshot of me teleporting to several levels earlier and walking for an hour to get back.